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『既視の街』渡辺 兼人 【サイン入り】 ---KISHI NO MACHI [STREETS ALREADY SEEN] by Kanendo Watanabe [SIGNED]




◎サイン入り [解説]タカザワケンジ [仕様]B4変型/250×320mm/上製本/144ページ [発売日]2015年10月30日 [ISBN]978-4-908188-01-5 [共同出版]AG+ Gallery・東京綜合写真専門学校出版局 ---------- 『既視の街』は1973年から1980年まで撮影された写真作品である。1980年に金井美恵子の小説との共著として新潮社から刊行されており、(中略)その翌年、渡辺は単独で同名の写真展をニコンサロンで開いた。単行本と展覧会は高い評価を受け、渡辺は第7回木村伊兵衛写真賞を受賞している。 (中略)本書は単行本と展覧会の『既視の街』をもとに、現在、渡辺の手元にあるネガフィルムのなかから、構成を担当した私が新たに写真を選んだ。1980年の単行本に収録された53点のうち4点のネガが存在せず、収録することはできなかったが、未収録、未発表の写真を加えた現時点での「完全版」である。…(タカザワケンジ) ---------- ● 渡辺 兼人 1947年、東京に生まれる。1969年に東京綜合写真専門学校を卒業、その後現在に至るまでコンスタントに写真を発表している。1982年に写真集『既視の街』(金井美恵子との共著)および個展「既視の街」により第7回木村伊兵衛写真賞を受賞。「逆倒都市」(1982年、ツァイト・フォト・サロン)、「渡辺兼人 写真展」(2003年、何必館・京都現代美術館)、「雨の営み」(2008年、巷房)、「声」(2020年、IG Photo Gallery)など個展多数。 ---------- 発送は【宅急便(ヤマト運輸)】です。 ---------- ---------- Introductory essay: Kenji Takazawa Publication date: 30 Oct. 2015 Format: Hardback Size: 250×320 mm Pages: 144 pages ISBN: 978-4-908188-01-5 ---------- Kishi no Machi [Streets Already Seen] is a series of photographs taken from 1973 to 1980. First published by Shinchosha in 1980 as a collaboration incorporating fiction by Mieko Kanai, [...] Watanabe held a solo exhibition of his photography under the same name at Nikon Salon the following year. Both the book and the exhibition were well received, and Watanabe was presented with the 7th Kimura Ihei Award. Based on the original book and the Streets Already Seen exhibition, this book is made up of newly selected images drawn from the negatives that remain in Watanabe's possession. I am responsible for the composition, having reviewed contact prints made from all of the negatives. It is unfortunate that four of the 53 prints contained in the 1980 book could not be included because their negatives no longer exist, but the addition of photographs that were not included then and have not previously been released makes this volume the current definitive edition. [...] -Kenji Takazawa ---------- ● Kanendo WATANABE Born in Tokyo in 1947, he graduated from the Tokyo College of Photography in 1969 and has been showing his photographs consistently ever since. In 1982, he received the 7th Kimura Ihei Award for the photo book "Kishi no machi" [Streets Already Seen] (co-authored with Mieko Kanai) and his solo exhibition Kishi no Machi [Streets Already Seen]. He has had many solo exhibitions, including "Sakasa toshi" [Upside-down City] (1982, Zeit Photo Salon, Tokyo), "Watanabe Kanendo shashinten" [Kanendo Watanabe Photography Exhibition] (2003, Kahitsukan Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyoto), "Ame no itonami" [The Workings of Rain] (2008, Kobo, Tokyo), and "Koe" [Voices] (2020, IG Photo Gallery, Tokyo). ---------- ***To Customers Outside Japan*** Contact us before placing your order, so that we can provide you with an accurate shipping cost. tcppress(at)tcp.ac.jp